Long-term data solutions

Is there a continuous need for relevant and up-to-date business information? Periodically receive attractive new recruits for prospecting or exactly the business information you need to make your business processes successful with Data solutions long term.

Custom data solutions because no two needs are the same

A long-term data solution is always customized. After all, your needs are the starting point, and no two needs are exactly the same. For example, a long-term solution may include periodic delivery of new entrants (startups) within your specific target market, having full access to a complete and up-to-date business data universe to provide reliable analyses to be able to do or adding real-time business information to prospects via a API. What is your specific need?

Just what you need, when you need it.

The benefits Data solutions long-term

Whether you get the business information you need as a custom solution delivered periodically or always have access to all or certain data to perform your own analysis on it, produce a 360-degree customer view or segment more specifically, you can rely on the timeliness of the information.
  • You have the information you need, when you need it
  • A data expert identifies your needs and offers a customized solution
  • With B2B trends and Lead online, any feature can be produced
  • Easy and fast communication with your regular contact person within NextBI
Your own subscription tailored to your specific needs

Curious about your options with Data solutions for the long term?

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