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Buying business addresses for lead generation is the basis for successful sales and marketing activities. This forms current files with business address and information. With NextBI, you have access to all B2B data across Europe. Get a free quote to buy business addresses from your most promising prospects or create your own file of business addresses in the web shop.

Buy business addresses effectively increases your sales with promising new customers

The address files you use for your direct marketing campaign, market research or acquisition largely determine the success you will achieve. With NextBI, you have access to the most promising business addresses to buy for lead generation. We specifically select these prospects within the total B2B database. Even if you do not yet have a clear target group in mind, together we will discover who your most promising new customers are. Our experienced team always takes your sales and marketing objectives as a starting point. By enriching your data with the right business addresses and details of your ideal target audience, you are guaranteed to achieve growth and success with your business.

Need help determining your ideal target audience or buying B2B addresses? Contact us

Select and buy business addresses online yourself?

Do you want to buy online access to the most extensive and up-to-date business addresses in the Netherlands to download the address list of your target group yourself? On you compile your own file with company addresses using a wide range of selection options. With this, you will experience the following benefits:

  • Free count of companies within your specific target audience
  • No fixed costs and no minimum order amount of €750.
  • Add or remove features at will
  • Specify which marketing features you want to receive and make your file as specific as you like. By purchasing these business addresses from us, you will ensure an increase in lead generation.

    Request a quote

    Want to take advantage of the range of options our company offers you in buying business addresses that can be used for lead generation? Then approach our professionals at +31 (0)88 028 38 00 or fill out our quote form. We are happy to prepare a quote for your company.

    Company data list

    Some of the solutions

    Data analysis

    Understanding your current and potential market will provide you with valuable conclusions with which you can make targeted and effective profits.

    Direct marketing

    Only with relevant and up-to-date information about your customers and prospects will you create unprecedented value.

    CRM data

    With a unique API, you add customers and relevant data to your CRM system quickly and flawlessly at your request.

    Lead online

    A prospect list compiled based on keywords collected within all unstructured data available online.

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