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Address list

Do you need a directory for your business operations and want to buy it from a solid company? Then NextBI is the company to approach. We provide various services to ensure that you connect with potential customers better and more efficiently. You will reap the benefits of our staff’s experience in helping you achieve successful business development with our services.

International database
Reliable data
Current company data

Keep your address list up-to-date

Buying an address list gives you access to data on potential new customers as well as existing customers. By adding this information to your current customer base, you enjoy the benefits of data enrichment. It is not only possible to buy an address list from NextBI. You also approach us for the following data products:

By buying an address list or one of our other products, you will efficiently establish contact with (new) customers. You make a selection of industries for which your product or service is useful. Our B2B database consists of companies from all over Europe.

Ask us about ways to update your lists

The lists you made years ago are often long since irrelevant. It is then time to buy new address lists or update current lists with new data. This prevents a customer from being unreachable by your employees, after which a lengthy search for new data is often required. Be ahead of these inconveniences and check out our company’s options. Call us at +31 (0)88 028 38 00. Our staff is happy to engage in conversation with you.

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