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Emailing to businesses

NextBI handles your entire campaign and offers the largest opt-in email address database on the Dutch market. Opt-in email addresses from files sourced from various reputable publishers of business brands and websites that we use for your email marketing B2B.

Sending an e-mailing? Here’s what to look out for

NextBI enables email marketing B2B with opt-in email addresses to your ideal target audience. However, the mailing list including opt-ins is not delivered but used by the file owner who creates and sends your emailing as desired. For sending an email campaign including the use of the opt-in email address file, a minimum order amount of €1,250.00 excl. btw.


A number of rules apply to sending e-mailings. One of the most important rules is: “The use of automated calling and communication systems without human intervention, facsimiles and electronic messages for the transmission of unsolicited communications for commercial, idealistic or charitable purposes to subscribers or users is permitted only if the sender can prove that the relevant recipient has given prior consent.” The recipient’s consent is called opt-in.

Email is by far the cheapest marketing channel from which direct conversions come.

The ideal target audience for your email marketing B2B

With NextBI you always have the right mailing list. You select the most promising prospects based on many characteristics NextBI has in its database. Or use Lead online to build your prospect list based on very specific characteristics. If you do not yet have an ideal target audience in mind, data analytics will provide you with the right insight. NextBI offers you every opportunity to maximize your emailing return.


The benefits of email marketing B2B with NextBI

If you want to send an emailing with NextBI, the legal responsibility lies with the file owner of the opt-in email addresses. Therefore, the file owner does not deliver the file but performs the sending of the emailing itself. To do this, you provide an HTML page and a subject line based on which the file owner will prepare your e-mailing and send it at the agreed time. Nice and easy anyway!
Before your emailing is actually sent, several tests are run on the campaign. Thus, the expression is viewed in the most important e-mail programs and optimized where necessary to correctly display the message. Live testing is also possible. An example is a “subject line test” (also called split run or A/B test). This is mainly to see which subject line excites people the most. In addition, you can test more such as different creations, different times of sending and different segments within a target audience. All this to ensure maximum results from your emailing
2 days after sending and 2 weeks after sending, you will receive reports presenting the results of the emailing; the number of emails sent, the number of “opens” and the number of “clicks” per link.
Send targeted emails to prospects with an opt-in

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