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Telemarketing for personal contact

Telemarketing is the best way for personal contact. And with the right data, this contact is easily made. Gather information about your target audience’s wants and needs and respond to them directly.

Telemarketing is effective with the right data

The most important element for effective Telemarketing is the data you use. With accurate audience selection and up-to-date data, Ttelemarketing delivers you the best results and you have minimal waste. For example, NextBI can analyze your current customer base and with the knowledge gained, deliver look-a-like prospects. And because you receive up-to-date data from NextBI on active companies, you don’t waste unnecessary time and money contacting bankrupt organizations and calling inactive phone numbers.
If you are going to use B2B telemarketing, some rules are important. First, the Telecommunications Act applies. Do you have questions about Telemarketing or the law? Please feel free to contact us.

Telemarketing is the most personal way of marketing, which is why it works so well.

The Benefits of Telemarketing

The biggest advantage of Telemarketing is the direct and personal contact you have with your prospect. You have the right person on the line for the call, and you can respond to the needs and interests at the time. This makes it more likely that the conversation will actually result in an appointment or sale!
  • Direct and effective contact
  • Results are easily measurable
  • You are in the picture before the buying process
Direct and personal contact with your prospect

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