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Get a grip on your data with Data solutions! Having the right data and using it intelligently adds tremendous value to your organization.

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The data present in your organization and access to all the data available to NextBI combine to set the stage for success. How about more effective sales and marketing campaigns that increase profits or optimized business processes that significantly improve your bottom line? Data offers endless opportunities to add value to your organization. There are solutions from which you will reap the benefits immediately and solutions for healthy growth in the future.
NextBI ensures more efficient business processes and increased profits with appropriate solutions that fully consider the interplay between compliance and core ideas about managing data, knowledge and intelligence.

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  • Get insight into your data through Business Intelligence to make successful decisions and solve inefficiencies
  • Unlock growth opportunities and approach promising new customers with Data-driven marketing
  • With Data Solutions, you always have the right data and can use it intelligently to add value to your organization
  • With NextBI, you have access to all B2B data, both national and international
Data solutions

Some of the solutions


Limitless access to B2B data. To fill out web forms, add data to your CRM system or as an update service.

B2B trends

If you know what’s going on with your target audience, you can make sure you’re always relevant.

Company Finder

Enter a company name or address and you have all the information at your disposal in a split second. To quickly and flawlessly complete or retrieve data.

Data management

Strengthen customer contacts and acquire new customers more successfully by managing, updating and maintaining data correctly, automatically or otherwise.

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Discover your opportunities to add value to your organization with B2B data.

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