CRM data for businesses

Your CRM system is only valuable if the data in your system is current and complete. Because only with relevant and up-to-date information about your customers and prospects will you create added value. With CRM data from NextBI, you can always rely on your CRM system.

Always be able to rely on your CRM system with CRM data

The data in your CRM system plays an important role in achieving sales and marketing goals and also provides you with long-term insight into key sales opportunities. To achieve the best results, accurate business data is essential. NextBI cleverly links your data to all available B2B data with Update & Enrich so that you always have up-to-date data and business information relevant to you.

Automatic and error-free data in your CRM system

Using an API, even all data relevant to you can be automatically added to your prospects and customers in your CRM system, quickly and flawlessly. CRM data can also help your prospects respond better online. In fact, the API can be deployed on your website or web shop so that data in web forms is filled in automatically. This lowers the barrier for your prospects because they need to fill in less information. At the same time, you have access to all the information available about the customer for your CRM system!
Achieve sales and marketing goals with CRM data

Curious about your options with CRM data?

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