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Data management solutions

Achieve higher returns on marketing campaigns, unlock potential growth opportunities and optimize your business operations with sound Data management and data compliance execution.

A high quality asset with Data management

With sound Data management for the B2B data in your organization, you create a high-performance business tool to make more informed business decisions, improve marketing campaigns, optimize business operations, reduce costs and increase profits. Moreover, the importance of Data management has increased significantly since organizations are subjected to an increasing number of legal compliance requirements covered by the AVG and the Telecommunications Act.

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Effective Data management starts with an optimal source file

Your organization has valuable data that is often kept scattered in unstructured sources. Think loose lists, notes and spreadsheets. The most important first step in achieving effective Data management is to merge all B2B data present within your organization into one up-to-date source file. NextBI also adds public data to the data within your organization to create a highly effective and relevant source file that you can confidently use for analysis based on which important decisions can be made. Customer data can also be better maintained and you avoid duplicate data. A better understanding of your customers and the market also emerges; similarities between customers become visible and trends are revealed that offer new sales opportunities.
Make data work for you

Curious about your options with Data management?

Data provides profit and long-term value-add. These include targeted sales and marketing actions, stronger customer loyalty, well-mapped market potential, insight into market opportunities and a reliable sales and marketing plan.

Data maintenance

Investing in data quality as an ongoing process always pays off.

Merge files

Effective Data management starts with an optimal source file.

Update & enrich

Effectively achieve your goals by leveraging good and complete data.

Data solutions long-term

Constantly have up-to-date and complete B2B data on customers and prospects.

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