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Direct marketing with B2B addresses

With its own B2B database of nearly 3.6 million addresses and access to more than 100 external databases, NextBI always gives you the right campaign data. Effectively achieve your goals with B2B direct marketing by leveraging good and complete data. With the right information and features, approach your target audience in a targeted way.

In B2B Direct marketing, the address file determines the results

Data provides profit and long-term value-add. These include targeted sales and marketing actions, stronger customer loyalty, well-mapped market potential and reliable insight into market opportunities. The address file you use is thus all-important for the results of your marketing campaign, market research or acquisition. Go as targeted as possible and determine your target audience very specifically. Is this a market segment like healthcare or retail? Or are your ideal prospects selectable by certain industries, for example, architects or hotels? Easily buy your business addresses for B2B Direct marketing targeted to the industry or region of interest to you.

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Make data work for you

Direct marketing, direct contact with your ideal client

B2B Direct marketing takes many forms. For example, telemarketing, e-mail marketing and postal mailings are examples of direct marketing that are often used. Which form works best for you depends on the audience you are going to target, the content of your message and the goal you have with your communication. Whatever form you use, NextBI can provide you with the most promising audience addresses based on selections and characteristics with the information needed to communicate relevantly and reach your target audience.

Direct mail

A partner to run, supervise and coordinate your postal mailing.


The largest opt-in email address database on the Dutch market.


The best way for direct and personal contact.


Faster and better results by mapping the DMU.

Campaign data by industry


A total of over 223,000 companies operate in the construction industry. These are mostly smaller companies. The construction industry also employs a very large number of self-employed workers. More than 80% of construction companies are 1 to 4 employees.


The ICT sector with 93,000 addresses has been growing considerably for more than 10 years. The largest group within this sector consists of companies active in developing, producing and publishing software.


The Dutch retail industry employs nearly 880,000 people in 175,000 companies. This makes retail the largest employer in the Netherlands. B2B Addresses provides data on all retail businesses in Europe and beyond, in addition to Dutch retail companies.

Financial institutions

Although very many companies (290,000) fall under financial services, most of them are management and pension private limited companies that have no economic activity beyond managing funds. The associated operating companies fall under other market sectors.

Health and welfare care

Within health and wellness care, over 270,000 addresses are deliverable from hospitals and rehabilitation centers, dental practices as well as home care and local welfare work, among others.


A total of more than 117,000 companies operate in the wholesale industry, divided into branches and subbranches based on products in which they trade. Almost a third of the companies are wholesale non-food businesses. Companies in the wholesale industry tend to have fewer than 10 employees.


Within the hospitality industry, over 78,000 addresses can be supplied from hotels, hotel-restaurants, guesthouses and conference venues as well as Canteens, contract catering and pubs, among others.


A total of more than 85,000 companies operate in the industry. The companies are divided into many different industries. Therefore, selection by industry makes perfect sense.

Home office (SoHo)

Businesses with home offices are also called SoHo (Small Office Home Office). 70% of SoHos have the legal form of Sole Proprietorship. Over 70% actually work alone; the remaining SoHos have 1, 2 or 3 employees. In total, there are about 85,000 SoHos.


The most commonly used definition of SMEs assumes companies between 5 and 200 employees. Of all Dutch companies, 99 percent fall into the SME category.


This address file with 124,000 records of educational institutions offers several selection options including regular education or special education. In addition, industries such as sports and recreational education, auto and motorcycle driving schools, and corporate education and training are also included in this segment.

Real estate sector

Within the real estate segment are as many as 62,000 addresses. With the many changes in the real estate industry, it is critical to have access to an up-to-date and well-maintained database.

Personal service

Personal services is a sector in which many businesses conduct their activities from home and thus have their business at home. This applies to nearly 30% of the total number of companies operating in this sector. In total, we are talking about over 95,000 companies, including ± 90,000 companies with fewer than 5 employees.

Sports and recreation

Within the sports and recreation sector, a total of nearly 70,000 addresses are available and can include sports facilities, sports clubs, tourist offices, dance schools, zoos, theaters and theaters.

Traffic, transportation and communications

This sector with 69,000 addresses covers a fairly wide range of different industries including road freight transport, freight shipping and the travel industry

Business services

Business services is the sector in which the vast majority of Dutch people find employment. In total, we are talking about approximately 615,000 companies, including ± 342,000 sole proprietorships, 215,000 limited liability companies and 28,000 partnerships. These are mostly smaller companies.

Select and order addresses yourself online?

Want online access to the Netherlands’ most comprehensive and up-to-date business address database to download your own target addresses? On, you create your own target group using a wide range of selection options. Specify which marketing features you want to receive and make your file as specific as you like.
  • Free count of companies within your specific target audience
  • No fixed costs and no minimum order amount of €750
  • Add or remove features at will
Add value with the right data

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