Business intelligence for companies

Business Intelligence (BI) turns all the data present in your organization into actionable information and insights based on which you can make important and successful decisions and solve inefficiencies.

An effective plan of action with BI for better business results

The data that Business intelligence works with comes primarily from within your company. Your organization uses several systems and thus has a large amount of data. This data is aggregated, updated and completed using NextBI’s data management solutions. Then the data are structured and analyzed. This creates invaluable insights. With these insights, we can give you the answers you are looking for. Business intelligence adds value to any business process. We provide you with targeted solutions and improvements that can relate to every layer within your organization.
With Business intelligence, NextBI turns data into insights and comes up with an immediately deployable solution to the problems within your organization. For example, NextBI developed the customer data platform NextCommerce for sales and marketing. With NextCommerce, companies of all sizes can revolutionize the customer experience – without migration efforts, but with fast time-to-market.

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The smartest Business intelligence tool

With NextCommerce, you have an insight that was previously unattainable. Create customer profiles, analyze opportunity potential and leverage aggregate data to drive greater profits from campaigns.

NextCommerce is a unique e-commerce solution. The power lies in combining the Customer Data Platform (CDP) and NextBI’s data universe. The CDP collects all the data from your entire customer base in one place. Then NextBI’s data takes your customer data to the next level, both in terms of timeliness and relevance. With additional characteristics of and Information about your customers, you gain more insight into your target audience and can observe hidden patterns in customer behavior. CDP’s analytics features provide more specific audiences that you target, personalize and effectively reach with fully automated sales and marketing campaigns.

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