Company finder, access to B2B database

Access to all company data in the database that allows you to access all current information about the company at once by entering, for example, a company name, address or Chamber of Commerce number.

Current company data at a glance

Is your CRM system not ready for an API yet or do you prefer to add your contacts manually? Then the Company Finder provides you with everything you need. Even concern relationships and trade names of the lead you enter are displayed. And because you have real-time access to all current company data, you have the right information so you keep your CRM system clean. By including the EBI number in your CRM system, by the way, periodic updates are a piece of cake.

Company finder helps you further

Company Finder is also used to determine an ideal target audience. For example, by looking up the industry codes of your best customers, you can acquire new leads in a very targeted way. Account managers also enjoy using Company Finder because a complete company profile allows them to better assess sales opportunities and have a more efficient conversation. And the advantage is that Company Finder can also be used on the go on your smartphone.
Access to complete and up-to-date company information

Curious about your options with Company Finder?

Startbaan 6
1185 XR Amstelveen

Chamber of Commerce number: 20078697
IBAN: NL98RABO0305995170
VAT number: NL0094.75.898.B01