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Buy international address files

NextBI provides access to corporate data from organizations across Europe. With high-level international business addresses, data solutions become deployable for other countries as well. Buying these international addresses is done from our extensive database.

Buying directories is a good step to going international

Do you have an international organization or want to know how big your market is abroad? Take advantage of NextBI’s international expertise and partnerships. With international business addresses, we offer customized solutions for your organization. Buying these international addresses allows you to enable insight and growth within and, on demand, beyond Europe. Targeted solutions and improvements for all layers within your organization both nationally and internationally, are realized by buying address files and contact information from companies.

We are affiliated with Lists4Europe

Lists4Europe is a European partnership of companies providing both consumer and B2B data for marketing purposes. The companies in this partnership have been engaged in marketing data delivery for at least 20 years, each in their respective countries. As a result, we offer you the opportunity to buy complete address databases from internationally operating countries. With this data, it is possible to enrich your business data. Everyone’s knowledge is used to gather the most accurate international business addresses. So when buying these international addresses, you are assured of accurate data.

Get your organization ready for international success with our help

Are you in the market for buying address databases that will help you move forward internationally? Then contact our company by phone at +31 (0)88 028 38 00. We only work with complete and up-to-date international company addresses within Europe and possibly beyond to enrich your data. Only by buying these international addresses will analytics provide reliable insights and efficient solutions, and you will go a long way to meeting your international marketing goals.

Curious about your options?

International addresses to achieve your goals worldwide

Solutions with international B2B data

Business Intelligence

B2B information is converted into ready-made solutions for various problems within your organization. No complicated dashboard but a customized solution.

Data Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing solutions drive growth and success. We know who your most promising new customers are and we clarify your growth opportunities for upsell, cross-sell and customer loyalty.

Data Solutions

Data offers endless opportunities to add value to your organization. Boundless access to B2B data through an API, B2B trends, CompanyFinder or a customized solution.

International Targeting

Having the right international data and using it intelligently adds tremendous value to your organization.

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