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France is an attractive country to do business with; skilled workforce, excellent infrastructure, the presence of some of the most dynamic companies in the world. Moreover, France has one of the largest economies in Europe and counts globally. Approach French B2B prospects with current addresses in France.

Doing business successfully in France

Based on your target market description, we can create a census for you and you will quickly have insight into your French market potential. If you have a customer file with Dutch company data, we can also compile a file of look-a-likes in France based on this. NextBI finds the best way for you to connect with promising potential French clients.
French postal codes, or code postal, consist of five digits, the first two of which indicate the département. The other three digits identify the post office from which the mail is delivered. Normally French zip codes end in a 0, except for the zip codes of the cities of Paris, Lyon and Marseille. In Paris, the last two digits indicate the arrondissement. But not to worry, NextBI provides you with up-to-date files that can be used immediately for your sales and marketing actions towards France.


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Grow your business, including internationally

Also for France, NextBI offers you insight into your market potential. All NextBI’s custom solutions that make your business processes more successful can also be applied with French data. Having the right data and using it intelligently adds tremendous value to your organization.

Business Intelligence

B2B information is converted into ready-made solutions for various problems within your organization. No complicated dashboard but a customized solution.

Data Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing solutions drive growth and success. We know who your most promising new customers are and we clarify your growth opportunities for upsell, cross-sell and customer loyalty.

Data Solutions

Boundless access to B2B data via an API. Useful for your customers when filling out web forms and for CRM or ERP environments within your organization. Also ideal with an Update Service.

Other countries

Having the right international data and using it intelligently adds tremendous value to your organization.

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