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Direct mail to acquire customers

Whether sending catalogs, samples or an invitation to a trade show, NextBI consistently succeeds in sending mailings punctually and at a competitive rate. The ideal partner for conducting, supervising and coordinating your mail mailing.

Direct mail more effective than ever

Since we live in a digital age, mailing by mail is just the right way to get your message noticed. The mail piece on the mat is eye-catching and therefore effective in attracting potential customers. Besides personalization and the creativity you can put into a mail piece, Direct mail is still the only way, without an opt-in, to reach companies in your target audience with whom you do not yet have a customer relationship.

The read rate of a Direct mail is four times higher than the open rate of an E-mailing.

The benefits of Direct mail with NextBI

The address file you use will help determine the success of your Direct mailing. NextBI selects your most promising target audience based on your requirements. NextBI also knows which companies have indicated they do not want to be contacted by mail. These companies have a Non-Mailing Indicator and are easily removed from your selection.
  • Professional and reliable advice
  • Selecting your most promising target audience
  • A significant savings on your postage costs
  • One permanent contact for the entire campaign
Acquiring potential customers by mail

Curious about your options for Direct mail?

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