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Contacts, DMU at companies

B2B sales and marketing campaigns are much more successful when you use DMU at companies to personalize. Here it is important to have current data and to apply the correct notation.

Map and personalize the DMU

As an entrepreneur, you want to do business. The most effective way is to have direct contact with the right decision makers. NextBI has in its extensive databases the names of key decision makers to map the DMU.
The more you know about your customers and prospects, the more effective and targeted you can communicate with them. With the names of appropriate Contacts, you can send a personalized message tailored to the recipient.

Personalized direct mail produces 30% more response than "junk" mail. Improve the response to your actions.

Tips for targeting the right decision makers

  • Personalized mailings always score better.
  • With additional information about customers and prospects, you can best anticipate wants and needs. This gets you satisfied customers and customer loyalty.
  • Respond to the specific needs and interests of contacts and improve the response to your actions.
  • The finance department is often part of strategic decisions. Therefore, also approach the chief financial officer with your offer.
  • Call after your mailing to reinforce the personal touch. A mailing with a telephone follow-up always increases response rates.
Directly in touch with the right decision maker

Curious about your DMU mapping capabilities?

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