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Updating & enriching B2B data

With the right information and characteristics, you can target your audience in a targeted way. Are all the data you need present and current in your database? NextBI offers the ability to update or enrich your B2B data with relevant features and marketing information.

Increase your returns through data update and data enrichment

By having valuable characteristics added to your prospect and customer base, you can better assess how promising certain target groups are and you can segment better. By responding to this with your communication, you get more return on your sales and marketing actions; you address your target audience correctly and your offer is tailored to their needs and interests.

NextBI also ensures that the business information and features in your files are and remain up-to-date. Get your customer database cleaned up and you will avoid unnecessary costs due to outdated information. But it also detects and fixes errors in your files. Consider the spellings of company names and addresses.

Every year, about 30% of the data in your prospect or customer database mutates.

The benefits of Updating and Enriching

Data is not tangible and bad data is not readily identifiable. In contrast, the importance of quality data is a proven fact. Updating and enriching data enables targeted sales and marketing actions, stronger customer loyalty, and reliable insight into market opportunities. Thus, data provides profit and long-term added value.
  • With the right information, campaigns become more targeted and ROI increases significantly
  • Access to online data allows any feature to be added
  • Additional characteristics of your customers allows for good look-a-like analysis
  • Up-to-date data provide reliable insights into market opportunities
Make your business address files more valuable

Curious about your options for Updating and Enriching?

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