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The API for accessing B2B data

With the API for data, you can access NextBI’s up-to-date and market-covering business database in real time and remotely. The API works ideally in conjunction with web forms, your CRM system or ERP environment.

The API for data provides you with the right data easily and quickly

Want all your data processes to run flawlessly from now on? Consider, for example, entering, enriching or updating company data. Enter a company name or address and you’ll have all the company’s information at your fingertips in seconds. A direct link between your systems and NextBI’s database is the ideal solution. Both for web forms and for CRM systems and ERP environments. The API can even be used to enrich your database or as an update service.

Quickly have accurate B2B data?

Quickly find company information

Even access a comprehensive sales and marketing database on the go.

Effective current data

Useful for auto-filling fields in web forms or ERP environment.

Complete company profiles

Smart tools to leverage your data for CRM and sales and marketing activities.

Perfect update service

Mutations are processed directly into your CRM system or ERP environment according to a set frequency.

Realtime access to current and market-covering company database

Curious about your options with the API for data?

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