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Addresses Belgium

Are you already successfully doing business in neighboring Belgium? It is nearby and much of it speaks the same language as we do. Moreover, we both have open economies and are in each other’s top three in terms of imports and exports. With the right addresses in Belgium, you can understand your opportunities for Belgium as well and target the market.

Doing business successfully in Belgium

Based on your target group description, we can give you quick insight into your Belgian market potential. If you have a customer file with Dutch company data, we can build a prospect file with look-a-likes in Belgium based on this. NextBI looks for the best way for you to get in touch with promising potential Belgian clients.
If you want to do business effectively in Belgium, keep in mind the language differences within the 3 regions. The main language of Flanders is Dutch. In Wallonia and much of Brussels, people speak mostly French. In part of eastern Belgium, people speak mostly German. If you use NextBI’s Belgian B2B database for your CRM data, an API or analyses, the correct languages and spellings are automatically taken into account.


Companies in Belgium


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Belgian B2B directories

Curious about your opportunities in Belgium?

Grow your business, including internationally

Also for Belgium, NextBI offers you insight into your market potential. All NextBI’s custom solutions that make your business processes more successful can also be applied with Belgian data. Having the right data and using it intelligently adds tremendous value to your organization.

Business Intelligence

B2B information is converted into ready-made solutions for various problems within your organization. No complicated dashboard but a customized solution.

Data Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing solutions drive growth and success. We know who your most promising new customers are and we clarify your growth opportunities for upsell, cross-sell and customer loyalty.

Data Solutions

Boundless access to B2B data via an API. Useful for your customers when filling out web forms and for CRM or ERP environments within your organization. Also ideal with an Update Service.

International targeting

Having the right international data and using it intelligently adds tremendous value to your organization.

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