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Business addresses buy online

NextBI has a webshop! Buying business addresses, therefore, can also be done online! Through, select your target group very specifically using the many selection criteria and immediately see how many business addresses are available. You can even understand your market potential online.

The advantage of purchasing business addresses online

You can easily select a promising target group, purchase business addresses and information, and even gain insight into your market potential online., the webshop for business addresses, offers you all these possibilities and more. The advantage of is its favorable rates. In fact, there are no project costs or selection costs involved. This way you can quickly have a good file of business addresses and data that will allow you to achieve the best possible results.

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The features of at a glance

  • Easily compile your own prospect list for your DM campaign, telemarketing campaign or market research.
  • Enrich the address file you already have. Upload your file and add missing data before using it for your DM campaign, telemarketing campaign or market research.
  • Check the timeliness of your file before using it for sales and marketing activities. That way you know which data is still correct and which is outdated. It is a waste of time and money when you start working with outdated data.
  • Conduct a market penetration analysis (MPA). This will give you an accurate and reliable picture of the location, segment, industry and company size of your most promising potential customers, among other things, based on your current customers with whom you are already successful.

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Select and order addresses yourself online?

Want online access to the Netherlands’ most comprehensive and up-to-date business address database to download your own target addresses? On, you create your own target group using a wide range of selection options. Specify which marketing features you want to receive and make your file as specific as you like.
  • Free count of companies within your specific target audience
  • No fixed costs and no minimum order amount of €750
  • Add or remove features at will

3 tips to increase the success of your campaigns increase

Provide a specific target audience description

NextBI’s database contains more than 3.4 million addresses of organizations, government, institutions, foundations and associations. With the right focus, the most promising prospects remain and you can make your message much more relevant. You are definitely going to notice this in your response!

Put current data in

Every year, 30% of the data in a business address file mutates. It is a waste of time and money when you start working with outdated data. If you have had a prospect file you want to deploy on the shelf for a while, have the data updated first.

Test to optimize

When in doubt about your target audience or about purchasing an address file, you don’t want to immediately purchase a file with thousands of prospects. At, you don’t pay a fixed cost per order. This makes it attractive to test with a small file.

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