Data management & data maintenance

Tell us what data about your customers and prospects is important to you, and NextBI will make sure you always have a complete and up-to-date database for optimal customer retention and targeted new customer acquisition.

Achieve sales and marketing goals more efficiently with data

Bad data is not immediately recognizable but, especially in the long run, works against your organization’s results quite a bit. And in particular, the essential part of sales you lose as a result of leaving market opportunities unexploited. With sound Data Management & Data Maintenance, you collect, store and use data efficiently and cost-effectively. This is necessary to identify your market potential on the basis of which you can determine the most promising target group and strengthen your competitive position. Moreover, with the right data, you can do much more targeted and successful sales and marketing campaigns and build stronger customer loyalty.

Data management is also important in deploying your data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

The benefits of Data Management and Maintenance

To optimize and ensure data quality within your source file, you need NextBI’s market-covering reference database. A database with current data and relevant characteristics of all companies and institutions in the Netherlands on the basis of which an update of your database can be carried out. Because in your files, business information that is current today may be out of date within a month. With current and complete data, you can create a 360-degree view and map your customers’ customer journey. With this information, you easily build your customer relationships and new sales opportunities become apparent.
  • The quality and reliability of your data are ensured
  • Your organization complies with applicable laws and regulations when deploying data
  • With the right data management, your data creates more profit and success
  • Your data are suitable for analysis for targeted marketing and customer retention
Collect, store and use your data efficiently and cost-effectively

Curious about your options for Data Management and Data Maintenance?

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