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DR3Data and B2B Addresses together Next Business Information

Next Business Information is the partner of choice for companies using data to develop, grow and gain more profits.

About DR3Data and B2B Addresses

DR3Data was founded in 1947 in the Netherlands as part of the well-known international organization Schober Information Group, supplier of business addresses. In 2012, the Dutch branch separated from the group and continued independently as DR3Data, provider of up-to-date business addresses and data. The company’s DNA changed more and more from “business addresses and business information” to “innovative custom data solutions. With the name Next Business Information, the company aims to continue building an image as the partner of choice for companies that are leveraging data to develop, grow and achieve greater profits.
B2B addresses, supplier of business addresses, has guided companies in choosing the right target audience and executing their direct marketing campaigns for more than 20 years. A major contribution of B2B Addresses in the close collaboration with DR3Data was its access to many international B2B files and experience in international business.
As of July 2022, DR3Data and B2B Addresses have joined forces and continue under one name, Next Business Information.

Next Business Information, the new generation of B2B Data Intelligence

NextBI has developed innovative methods to compile far-reaching information about companies in addition to its own database of current and relevant data. This enables NextBI to provide revolutionary custom data solutions that purposefully help its customers optimize their business processes so they can operate more efficiently and increase profits.

Solutions for efficient and profitable business processes

Business Intelligence

B2B information is converted into ready-made solutions for various problems within your organization. No complicated dashboard but a customized solution.

Data Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing solutions drive growth and success. We know who your most promising new customers are and we clarify your growth opportunities for upsell, cross-sell and customer loyalty.

Data Solutions

Data offers endless opportunities to add value to your organization. Boundless access to B2B data through an API, B2B trends, CompanyFinder or a customized solution.

International Targeting

Having the right international data and using it intelligently adds tremendous value to your organization.

Select and order addresses yourself online?

Want online access to the Netherlands’ most comprehensive and up-to-date business address database to download your own target addresses? On, you create your own target group using a wide range of selection options. Specify which marketing features you want to receive and make your file as specific as you like.
  • Free count of companies within your specific target audience
  • No fixed costs and no minimum order amount of €750
  • Add or remove features at will

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