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General Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions of NextBI apply to quotations, offers and oagreements, concerning delivery by NextBI of services and/or data, regardless of whether these are made or concluded orally, in writing, electronically or in any other form. established.

With NextBI’s Terms and Conditions, it is immediately clear what rights and obligations are in place, and as a client, you know where you stand.

In the Terms and Conditions you will find the following articles:

  • Article 1: Definitions
  • Article 2: General
  • Article 3: Establishment of the Agreement.
  • Article 4: Performance of services
  • Article 5: Data Delivery
  • Article 6: Online Services
  • Article 7: Cooperation by Contractor.
  • Article 8: Compensation and payment
  • Article 9: Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Article 10: Privacy and data protection
  • Article 11: Personal Data Processing.
  • Article 12: Confidentiality
  • Article 13: Warranties and liability
  • Article 14: Suspension
  • Article 15: Duration of the Agreement
  • Article 16: Final Provisions

In addition, the Processor Agreement and its annexes “Personal Data and Data Subject Specifications” and “Sub Processors/Categories of Sub Processors” are also included in the General Terms and Conditions.

How does NextBI ensure that your personal data is accurate?

Naturally, we are committed to ensuring that the data we process about you is accurate. If you identify any data that is incorrect, we would of course like to hear about it at

Do you have a complaint about the use of your personal data? If so, you can also file this complaint with the Personal Data Authority (AP).

If you wish to unsubscribe from our email newsletter, you may do so via the unsubscribe link found in the newsletter as well as in its web version. In addition, you can send your deregistration request to or by phone at +31(0)88-028 38 00.

Association for Business B2B Information (VVZBI).

NextBI is a member of the Association for Business B2B Information (VVZBI). Together, we ensure legal certainty in economic life. As an association, we have a Privacy Code of Conduct to which we and other members fully confirm.

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