Buying a database

Buying a database is a quick and relatively easy way to get data from potential customers for your business. This database can be as extensive as you want it to be. Consider a narrow database with only companies that meet certain search criteria, as well as more general databases when you want to bring your product to wide attention. It’s all possible at NextBI.

โœ” International database
โœ” Reliable data
โœ” Current company data

Why is it wise to buy a database?

If your business is newly established or not yet as successful as you had hoped, it may be because of your marketing strategy. Are there enough business leads running that trigger conversion? Have you examined your current database of customer data? Chances are your database is in need of data enrichment. At NextBI, it is possible to purchase a complete database. This makes your database not only more comprehensive, but also immediately fully up-to-date.

Expand your company’s reach with the right data

For a well-run marketing strategy, it is essential that all the company data you use is also current. You accomplish this by buying a database from our company. This includes international address files, if desired. Contact us by phone at +31 (0)88 028 38 00 for more information or a suitable quotation.

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